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Yes, you are the one that got all the fame! You left me alone and never came back for me!
— Clara to Jaylee.

Clara is the main (along with The Ancestral Witches) antagonist of the show.
Clara Ginova

Clara Ginova

Jaylee (Past Best friend)
The Ancestral Witches
First appearance:
Half witch and half fairy (Has more control over her witch form)


Clara is half fairy and witch. She used to be kind, up-beat and cheerful. After Jaylee joined Crystal College, Clara was alone, she didn't mind and thought that Jaylee will come after her.

Clara suddenly met up with the witches and became a witch. She now likes misery and chaos like the other witches. She returns in Season 2 to take revenge from Jaylee.

She showed great respect and admiration towards The Ancestral Witches and was willing to help them to do evil magic, so she could get revenge from Jaylee.


Season 1Edit

Jaylee is writing in her diary, when a call arrives from Clara. Clara tells her to with her and take a walk in the park. Jaylee agrees and both of them cut off the phone. In the park, they see Amnesia battling Celeste and Jaylee suddenly shoots a ray at Celeste, who disappears.

Amnesia encourages her to join Crystal College. Clara refuses ad keeps a promise that Jaylee will come after her in a month's time. Clara waits for Jaylee, while Jaylee never comes back.

Season 2Edit

Season 3Edit

Season 4Edit

Season 5Edit





  • Her personality and reactions are similar to Selina in Winx Club.
    • Because both of them are jealous from their owns friends and join evil forces.
  • She is half witch and half fairy.
  • She used to be Jaylee's best friend.
  • She teams up with The Ancestral Witches.
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