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Userboxes are a fun way to decorate your profile. It is easy to make your own. Here on the Crystal Gems Wiki, we have a template to help you customize your own userbox called {{userbox}}.

To create a userbox, create a new page here. You can also do so by clicking the "Contribute" button under your profile and clicking "Add a page".

Remove any content in the new article and paste the following code.

|image =
|image width =
|background color =
|border color =
|border style =
|border width =
|font =
|font color =
|font size =
|text =
|round =

The following list details how to fill in each field.

  • Image: Include the file name of the image, from what comes after "File:" to the end of the file extension, eg. Emerald.jpg
  • Image width: This line can be removed if you feel the default size of 140px is good. Otherwise, any number followed by px can be included in this field, eg. 250px
  • Background color, border color, font color: For a list of colors, go to Help:Color and use the HEX code or the color name without spaces.
  • Border style: You can choose between making your border solid, dotted, dashed, or double.
  • Border width: You can change the width of your border: 1px, 2px, 3px, etc.
  • Font: Type in the font.
  • Font size: Font sizes may correspond with those on word processing programs using a number followed by pt or px, eg. 12pt.
  • Text: This is what you want your userbox to say, usually beginning with "This user".
  • Round: If you want your userbox to be round, type yes. If not, type no.

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