You all might be wondering what the "H" sign on most pages mean? Well, it means Hollywood Arts, most of the content on Crystal Gems Wiki belongs to Hollywood Arts Wiki.

What's Hollywood Arts/The Gems: A Magical Adventure And Teenage Dreams?Edit

It's a Wiki about TGAMA and TD, recently renamed Hollywood Arts. TGAMA Content

The GemsEdit

The Gems: A Magical Adventure is a show focusing on seven fairies who went to Fairiex, the college for fairies. The series has seven seasons. The series also has webisodes which can be viewed online, and not focusing on any character.

Teenage DreamsEdit

Teenage Dreams is believed to be the sequel of The Gems: A Magical Adventure. Episodes 3 and onwards started to air in October 1, 2013 until today, February 15, 2014.

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