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I want to go shopping
— Jaylee

Jaylee Cynthia Jannette


Jaylee Cynthia Jannette
19 June
Zodiac Sign:
Gloss Angeles
Movie portrayer:
Victoria Justice
Powers and abilities:
Fire (Mixed powers, with basic spells)
Crystal Gems
Amnesia (Best friend)
Edward (Boyfriend)

Jaylee is the fire elemental fairy and one of the founding members of Crystal Gems.

Jaylee is sweet,friendly and kind. She has always been the back bone of the club, even though her powers are fire related, she can produce some animal based spells.Jaylee loves animals as well as nature, some fans stated her as a mixed fairy, due to her love for animals and nature. However, she can also get confrontational whenever she's angry , sticking up for herself when others put her down.

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As a fire-elemental fairy, Jaylee has fire powers that can manifest in the form of dragons, fireballs and explosions at varying intensities. They are usually offensive with rare occurrence of a defensive firewall. She has been shown to have empathic abilities like seeing people's true natures. The intensity and strength of her magic is proportional to her emotional state. She is considered as one of the strongest and most powerful fairy in existence as all of her magical powers and abilities are derived from the Great Dragon itself.

Jaylee can spontaneously generate and manipulate flame and heat. While she mainly uses her powers to bombard her opponents with fireballs in varying intensity and size, she soon learns to ignite large wildfires and control dangerous infernos by thought. Other related abilities are throwing blasts of heat energy, using fire as shields and force fields, causing objects to become soft and melt, shooting beams of orange energy and using fire to fly.

Jaylee also knows some basic spells that all fairies can use, such as telekinesis, shape-shifting, transmuting objects from one to another, and fixing minor messes.

Jaylee is seen writing in her diary when suddenly a call arrives from Clara inviting her for a walk in the park. Jaylee is angry because Camille partnered up with Brandon this morning in school, but Clara thinks a walk in that park might be a bit good for her mood.

They meet with a fairy named Amnesia who is fighting a witch named Celeste. Jaylee then shields Amnesia and the witch disappears. Amnesia tells her to wait for a while, she then receives a message inviting her to Crystal College. However, Clara refuses to go.

She meets with the other Crystal Gems and earns basic. The Ancestral Witches become major enemies.

Jaylee is a girl with long purple hair that stops just above her knees, pale skin, and large cyan eyes.

Her Season 1 civilian is a blue midriff top with dark blue trim and pale yellow sleeves with blue jeans that have stars on the bottom of the legs. Her shoes are yellow wedge-sandals.

Her Season 2 and Season 3 civilian is a blue and white striped midriff top with small pink hearts and a ruffly denim skirt. She also wears a pink arm-band on her left arm and over-the-knee blue socks. Her shoes are dark blue platform boots with white tips and pink laces.

In Season 4, Jaylee wears a pink top with white polka-dots and a blue heart emblem at the top with a puffy blue skirt with a yellow belt and a pink and white polka-dot bow on it. Her shoes are pink heels with white polka-dots with a blue ankle strap and a yellow ribbon on her toes.

In Season 5, Jaylee wears a pink shirt with a blue bodice and blue hearts at the waist with one strap at the top of her shoulder and one strap below her shoulder. She wears a blue necklace with pearls and a blue ribbon. She wears a blue skirt with above the knee pink socks and blue wrinkled boots. Her hair is pinned back exactly like it is in her Enchantix and has a small bang from the corner of her head with a barrette pulling her hair back.

In Season 6, she wears a white shirt under a pink coat with a plaid pattern gray skirt and a pink bow on her shirts collar. Her bangs are layered and her hair is braided in a single braid.

Her Crystalix outfit is a sparkly light blue halter top decorated with an oval-shaped gold jewel at the center of her chest, a matching sparkly light blue miniskirt with matching color shorts under her skirt and light blue
ankle boots. She also wears light blue glove-like wrist bands around her arms from elbow to wrist with a point down the palm and wears a small golden tiara with three rounded points at the top of her head. Her wings are cyan with teal tips.
Jaylee's Harmonix consists of a tube top with light blue colors and pink borders. Her hair is longer tied closer to the end and it is decorated with a light blue shell tiara. Her skirt is like a tutu and it is also light blue. Behind her skirt is a veil
Jaylee Harmonix
that stops at the bottom of her shoes which is light blue. Her wings are mainly blue with the top part pink and closer to the center is pink also. The design on her wings are fuchsia hearts. Her top wing border is fuchsia. Her shoes are light blue heels similar to Enchantix, but with purple and

light blue straps.

Jaylee's Sirenix form consists of a light blue one-strap top that has pink wave holes and a light blue ruffled skirt with light blue attached leggings that have nerve-like blue designs with matching light blue boots with pink bases and light pink/light blue striped ruffles on the back of her leggings made to look like fins. She also has dark blue ribbons tied around her arm from her shoulder to her wrist with a pink flower-like wrist band.
Jaylee Sirenix
Her hair has purple streaks in a ponytail with a light blue flower-like hair bow with parted bangs and when she is underwater her hair is carrot orange with teal streaks. Her wings are seashell-shaped and are multi-colored with shades of blue, pink, orange, and gold with dark blue and white striped borders. Her eye-shadow is light pink and has blue nail-polish.
From top to bottom, Jaylee's hair has reached knee-length and has a pair of small braids in back that connect to a golden heart barrette while pink eyeshadow is on her eyelids. She wears a midriff-bearing top with puffy shoulders that is pink on top with peach-colored sleeves and blue on the bottom. Her wings are larger than those of the Enchantix, and are lined in blue with a pale blue interior, pink heart shapes and
Jaylee Believix
small dark blue heart gems decorating the wings themselves. Her gloves are fingerless and light blue in color. Her skirt is poofy and tutu-like, colored blue with a dark blue heart on each hip that holds a pair of purple bows in place, a matching purple band around the above the layered ruffles that are blue on top and pink on the bottom. Lastly, sandals are gone and replaced with a pair of blue heels that are white on the bottom and sparkly pink socks that have two dark pink stripes on the top.
Jaylee's Sophix consists of a light blue turtleneck and heart cord with detached violet sleeves, green leaf arm-warmers, cyan wrist length gloves, medium blue skirt and fluorescent green high-heels. Her wings are
Jaylee Sophix
fluorescent green with cyan edges.
Jaylee's Lovix consists of a light, regular, and soft pink fuzzy version of her
Jaylee Lovix
Believix outfit, with long sleeves, fuzzy shoulder pads, and fuzzy stripes on her skirt. Her shirt now attaches to her skirt as well. Her boots have gained fuzzy pink leg-warmers. Her wings are soft pink with blue jewels with dark blue edges.

Jaylee's Enchantix is a multi-layered, frilly dress with different shades

and layers of blue, green, purple, and pink. with a blue collar at her neck with a pink bow and a blue necklace with her fairy dust pendent on it. Her wings, now ample in size, are both light yellow and pink, with a soft Alice blue outlining and speckled with dark blue decorative jewels. Her hair has also grown several inches in length and
Jaylee Enchantix
has seemed to earn a much more tame, elegant look and style. She also has hot pink eye makeup. She has yellow orange highlights that are located at the top of her head, bangs and at the ends of her hair. She has also discarded her cyan colored boots and dons strappy, barefoot sandals that are decorated with three hearts, and wears two sets of blue, heart shaped barrettes on either side of her head in addition to earrings of the same color and shape. Her arms are now covered in see-through sparkly pink gloves.

Seasons 1–2: Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift Taylor Swift voiced Jaylee in seasons 1 and 2, she doesn't voice her in the coming Seasons.
Seasons 3–5: Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande Ariana Grande voiced Jaylee is seasons 3 and 5.


  • Jaylee has an interest for nature and animals, even though she is a fire elemental fairy.
  • She has an interest in teddy bears.
  • She was planned to be the founder of Crystal Gems, but later on Amnesia became the founder.

    Jaylee, Inspired by Taylor Swift

  • She was planned to be with shocking pink hair but later on changed.
  • She was inspired by Taylor Swift.
  • She is the only one in the club who's name starts with 'J'.
  • Jaylee loves singing.
  • Jaylee is the only one in the club who keeps a diary.
  • Her signature colours are Orchid and light pink.
  • She has a sister named Chimera.
  • It is later on revealed she is a half witch as well as a fairy, just like her friend Clara but Clara is soon to be the antagonist of the show, resulting in her using it for bad deeds while Jaylee uses it for good deeds..
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