Jaylee's Destiny is the first and pilot episode of Crystal Gems.

Jaylee's Destiny
Season 1, Episode 1
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Jaylee's Destiny
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Welcome to Crystal College


Jaylee is writing in her diary and talking to herself angrily. When a call arrives and she goes downstairs to attend it. It is her best friend, Clara. She tells her to take a walk in the park with her, Jaylee agrees to go with Clara.

They meet up with Amnesia who is battling a witch named Celeste. Jaylee gets angry and shoots a ray at Celeste. Celeste after giving a few threats, disappears. Amnesia tells Jaylee to wait for a message to arrive inviting her to Crystal College.

After the message arrives, she goes, while Clara refuses. She meets up with her new roommates. They go downtown to have pizza and return in high spirits.

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  • Clara later on becomes an antagonist of the show, just like Selina in Winx Club.
  • Both Selina and Clara become villains because there friends got famous.


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