The main transcript of Jaylee's Destiny


[The scene starts with Jaylee writing in her diary]
Jaylee: I hate Camille! She always goes for Brandon, when we have to partner up, "I wanna partner up with Brandon" in her goody two shoes voice.
Jaylee's mum: Jaylee! Your phone is ringing here!
Jaylee:Oh no! I think I left it there!
Jaylee:I seriously hate it, when mum checks my phone and sees who it is.
[Jaylee goes down stairs and attends the call]
Jaylee: What??!!
Clara:Whoa! Jaylee it's me..
Jaylee:Oh sorry..
Clara:Still angry about,Camille?
Jaylee:Yes. what did you call for?
Clara:Do you want to take a walk with me in the park? It's a pretty sunny day.
Jaylee:Oh well, I guess I do.
Clara:Look, you don't really have to if you don't wanna.
Jaylee:I am, I am coming, wait for me!
[Jaylee goes and takes a walk in the park]
Unknown girl: Solar Blast!
Unknown girl: Dark rays!
Jaylee: What the heck are you two doing?
Unknown girl 2: You get out of this!
Jaylee: I won't! (Goes forward and shoots a ray at the girl)
[Girl disappears]
Unknown girl 1:Hey! I am Amnesia!
Jaylee: I am Jaylee and this is my friend Clara, what did I just do?
Unknown girl 1: You are a fairy, A Fire Elemental Fairy! Stay here in Earth and after a few days, you will receive a message from Headmistress Grace or me.
Jaylee:I don't know what you're saying but alright!
[Scene ends]

[Back at home, the next day]
Clara:I can't believe it! Why didn't you tell me before?
Jaylee: I didn't know myself! I can't control my powers either
Clara: Well, she said wait for a message so, we will wait.
Jaylee: I hate waiting
Clara: Who doesn't?
[Phone does a tweeting noise]
Jaylee: I got it! It says you are accepted to Crystal College!
Jaylee: You going?
Clara: No! I am staying but, I will help you pack up.
[They pack up]
Clara:Goodbye Jaylee!
Jaylee: I will come after you!
Clara: Okay!
[Scene ends]

Jaylee: Wow! This place is huge!
Amnesia: Hey! how are you, Jaylee?
Jaylee: I am fine. This is Crystal College?
Amnesia: Yes! Awesome isn't it?
Sugar: Who's this new girl?
Jaylee: I am Jaylee, I come from Earth
Sugar: Earth, meaning planet earth?
Jaylee: Yes
Amnesia: Lets go to our dormitory! Jaylee, Headmistress Grace already gave you a place with us okay?
Jaylee: Okay!
Amnesia: By the way, where's that friend of yours?
Jaylee: (sadly) She didn't want to come but, I will go after her.
Amnesia: Okay! Come inside and meet the rest of your room mates!
[Scene ends]

Amnesia: Let's start again! Hey! I am Amnesia!
Sugar: I am Sugar
Diamond: I am Diamond
Emerald: Emerald, here.
Daphne: Hello, I am Daphne
Jaylee: Wow! You sure are a lot!
Amnesia: So what do we do now?
Daphne: We could go downtown and have pizza.
Emerald: Yes!
Sugar: Awesome idea!
Jaylee: Downtown?
Diamond: Yes! Let's go
[Scene ends]

Jaylee: Wow! This place is amazing!
Sugar: Of course it is
Daphne: It's getting dark let's have pizza and then return to Crystal College.
[They have pizza]
Emerald: We could go shopping
Jaylee: Yes, I think it's not that dark
[They do shopping]
Jaylee: Let's return now
[They go back to Crystal College]
Emerald: I do hope we could do this once again
[Episode ends]

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